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Wolf looks back on a long and successful musical career, with performances in concert halls and exclusive private clubs in Europe and the US. He also appeared in several TV shows. Today, Wolf entertains as a ‘One Man Band’ singing Oldies hits to guitar and sound tracks. His extensive repertoire includes Oldies Pop, Country, Rock’n Roll & Crooner hits and is best suited for adult to mature audiences. No matter if you’ll dance or just listen, his music will bring back memories!
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Wolfgang Peter Anthony
Musical Solo Entertainer
SW Florida
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Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive an award. The Semi-Finalist, or the top ranked Runner up. The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Wolfgang Peter Anthony twice the Semi-Finalist and once the Runner-up placements in the song contest.
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Wolfgang is an award winning Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Composer and Songwriter. He has performed in large concert halls and exclusive clubs before international audiences in Europe. He also had a record contract with EMI and appeared in a number of musical TV shows. Wolf, as his friends call him, presents a mix of Oldies Pop,  Country & Crooner hits, and his repertoire is best suited for adult to mature audiences. It will bring back many fond memories!  
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Musical Entertainer
Wolfgang Peter Anthony
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